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by Platform Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


Hide details for Client UIClient UI
MLAT93ZW4KClient - Fixed an issue where the spell check dialog went behind the Notes window giving the impression that Notes was hung. This issue is seen...
HNAKBS9KQ9Client - Workspace - Fixed an issue where the "Stack replica icons" option was being enabled each time "compact workspace" was performed if user was...
SAPLBPEFVWClient - General - Fixed issue where action bar text would be truncated in some screen resolutions. This regression was introduced in...
SAPLBWQFEPClient - Windows 10 - Fixed an issue where mail, calendar and contact text would appear blurred. This regression was introduced in...
SAPLBWQHTDClient - Editor - Fixed an issue where the tail of characters like g, j and y were not displaying correctly in mail when editing. This regression...
PCHNC3TLMEClient - Locations - Fixed an issue where enabling Proxy Setting in location document and then switching locations with the Discover page open would...
SAHNC6D7L6Client - Calendar - Fixed an issue with day numbers showing incorrectly in One Week view when Dansk is set as the primary language and as the...
SAIABTFEF7Client - UI - Fixed an intermittent issue with open tabs where certain tabs were not being shown. Workaround was to resize the...
AYAVC3TELBClient - Mac Big Sur - Fixed an issue where Mac Notes client failed to launch after Password dialog if launched from then Notes app shortcut.....
Hide details for ClustersClusters
UMAKC5TGJEServer - Database - Fixed an issue where under some rare error conditions, some parent documents in large CRM databases were being removed from the...
Hide details for CSI ViewpartCSI Viewpart
RKRYBX8P2JClient - Fixed an issue where view and editor fonts would randomly changes to bold and Print Preview output was compressed.
Hide details for DAOSDAOS
DCKTC28JX7Server - DAOS - Fixed an issue where server would crash under certain conditions when trying to index databases with DAOS references but DAOS is not...
Hide details for DatabaseDatabase
DANOBTJQ4TServer - Fixed an issue where DAOS Tier 2 would not work with certain object store providers such as OVH due to a failure in AWS Self Test during...
HPRHB8NNULServer - Database - Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting the server. Error of PANIC: Object handle is invalid.
NSHEBYKETAServer - Database - Fixed an issue where CL copy Domino console command was not copying over database profile notes.
GRHEBYWL78Server - Database - Fixed a potential deadlock that could occur during database repair.
KBRNBZVKCPServer - Database - Fixed a data corruption issue that could occur.
DANOC24R2QServer - DAOS - Fixed an issue where an incorrect warning would be displayed when running  tell daosmgr s3 show.
DANOC28HLUServer - DAOS - Fixed an issue where a DAOS .nlo file was created in the Domino program directory instead of the data directory during...
JPAIC2HGUWServer - Database - Fixed a crash with PANIC: ASSERT(BitmapTestBits(Bitmap,BitOffset,BitsToCheck) == 0) that could occur.
MLMABZSPQSServer - Database - Fixed an issue where an error message was incorrectly being displayed - No longer display Repair error message about...
BSPRBTWNHUServer - DAOS - Fixed an issue where the thread that DAOS mgr uses to do an objectpush to T2 would exit prematurely if the server doc was set to push...
DCKTBRKPVYServer - DAOS - Fixed an issue where if deletion logging was enabled on the name and address book database (names.nsf), a request to resynchronize...
RGAUA6SLRJServer - Database - DAOS - Fixed a performance issue that could occur when downloading an attachment from a DAOS enabled database when Decs was...
VMRUC3LLMSServer - Repair - Fixed an issue where error about *Repair Failed* - File xxx.nsf cannot be repaired [Invalid NSF version] was being given when an...


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